Jenn Burland – Creatives I Know | Portrait Project

The Start of the Portrait Project

Portrait of Stylist by Tuffer
Seattle Stylist and Designer Jenn Burland, shot by Tuffer
Thinking back, I don’t remember how I met stylist and designer Jenn Burland. Probably through some photography network.  We worked on a video project together and a fashion editorial  (titled Excessive Woods, she styled the set and the clothing, the best I’ve worked with) but mostly we would meet for coffee to discuss trying to make it in the Seattle fashion and photography industries. Always insightful, always interesting.  So when I decided to start this Creatives I Know portrait project, I knew I would she would be a fantastic one to start it off.
Portrait of Stylist with handbags by Tuffer
Jenn posing with her collection of handbags both personal and from previous shoots.

Creating a Look for the Photography Project

I knew I wanted to have a cohesion to the images in the series, and I was leaning towards colored pools of light in the background and softbox exposed subject in the foreground, perhaps with props highlighting their creative endeavor.  However, for two reasons I shot several other options too.  First, this was my first in the series so I had flexibility – if I tried something else I liked, I could adjust the rest of the photoshoots going forward.  And second, If you have a stylist with a closet full of great clothes, well… take advantage of that and shoot as much as you can!   Headshot portrait by TufferBlack and White Portrait by Tuffer   It was a great photoshoot and the perfect start to my Creatives I Know portrait series.  If you’re a creative and would like to sit for my portrait, drop me a note.  I am always looking for new collaborators.  Read all Creatives I Know posts and see the project all together.
Fashion Stylist Portrait by Tuffer
Buried in her clothes, the hard life of a fashion stylist.
 Fashion Stylist portrait by Tuffer
Setting the style for the rest of the Creatives I Know project
by Tuffer

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