Creatives I Know | Personal Portrait Project

I love working with creatives; so I took their portraits.

BW Portrait by Tuffer
Behind the scenes with John Galfano (an amazing headshot photographer), for Tuffer’s Creatives I Know portrait series.

The Creatives I Know project

One of the great parts of being a creative (in my case, a portrait photographer), is meeting and working with other creatives, whether they are photographers, makeup artists, stylists, or others in the industry.  They are an incredible group that displays diversity, creativity, and a drive to express themselves.  So when I was looking for a new personal photography project a couple years ago, the idea of capturing portraits of some of those amazing people in my circle was an easy choice.
BW Portrait of MUA by Tuffer
From behind the scenes of Tuffer’s Creatives I Know shoot with MUA and model Julie Stevens.

The Beginning of the Portraits

While I have released some images from the project, I look forward to presenting even more of the Creative I Know series here on this blog starting in the next few weeks.  And there is no end in sight.  As long as I am meeting new creatives, I will be continuing the series.  Keep following here and on social media (new blog posts announced on Facebook and Twitter) to see the series unveil.
BW Portrait by Tuffer
Creatives I Know subject Sean Young with his Leica, between frames
BW Portrait for Personal Photo Project
Tuffer’s very first Creatives I Know subject, stylist and designer Jenn Burland, getting ready for the shot.

Join the Project!

I am always looking for new portrait subjects and I would love to work with you.  If you’re a creative, drop me a note and we can set up the chance for you to sit in front of my camera.  I look forward to the opportunity.  Read all Creatives I Know posts and see the project all together.
BW Editorial Portrait of Kirk Mastin by Tuffer
Behind the scenes with Kirk Mastin, owner of Mastin Labs, developer of the best Lightroom film presets you can buy
by Tuffer

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