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Portraits by Editorial Photographer Tuffer I am Tuffer.  Portrait photographer. Commercial advertising and editorial photographer. Seattle based. Often in San Diego.  And this… is my blog.  Welcome. I will be sharing behind the scenes shots, new photo work, old images, a taste of how I got here, and a glimpse of where I am headed.  I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Portrait Photographer

I started out years ago shooting candid street photography on film, and I will share some of those early images with you in some future posts.  As I learned lighting I incorporated fashion photography and worked with musicians and bands.  But as I looked to narrow my focus, I worked to find the common thread that emerged in all of my photos.  And that thread was a polished, stylized commercial portrait look, highlighting and dramatizing the subject, adding that certain… pop.

Tuffer Editorial Portraits

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I am not just a working photographer but an artist.  I would love for you to hire me (the “working” should have given that away) but I also just want to see my images out there in the world.  And to that end, I offer several outlets for you to follow different types of my work.  I post black and white portraits to my Instagram account; some are commercial, some editorial, some personal but all portraits and all B&W.  You can keep up with my current editorial photography work on Facebook.  Then in a departure from my commercial work, you can see my personal travel photos on Tumblr. And finally  I have a Twitter account but to be honest I simply repost my other accounts there, but if that’s how you like to get your updates, then go for it. Tuffer Advertising Portraits Again, welcome. And I’ll see you around the interwebs.
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