Syreeta Medea | Music + Artist Portrait

Portrait of many Talents

 Syreeta with hair fade
Syreeta rocking her fashion and music personas
Several years ago I met Syreeta when she starred in a music video called Trashed I was directing.  She was really fun and the whole team had a great time over the two day shoot (with some heavy lifting on co-directing and editing by headshot photographer John Galfano).  It was also obvious with her model looks, good nature, and panache for style, it would be great to do a photoshoot together.
 Syreeta with hair fade Syreeta with hair fade

A Hybrid Music and Fashion Photography Photoshoot

Well, we ended up doing 4 more shoots together over the next few years.  These images are from the first of those shoots.  The goal was to style it as a fashion editorial photoshoot but also come away with something she could use in her EPK (an “electronic press kit”, a driving force behind much music photography these days).
 Syreeta by the pool.
Taking her home made fringe tank out to the pool.

Multi-Talented Model

One of the great things about Syreeta that makes her a compelling subject to work with is her diverse interests and varied talents.  She’s an incredible rapper with a raspy delivery and cool lyricism.  Obviously from what you can see here, she can work the lens as a model.  Add to that she’s also an artist and jewelry designer with mad unique style.  There is something about the multi-talented that always shines through in a photoshoot.
 Syreeta by the pool.
Syreeta at home in her apartment
 Syreeta in fashion.
With a great sense of fashion, Syreeta styled this shoot herself.
by Tuffer

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